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Nraas sliders

This mod adds countless options that allow you to easily control and change just about anything about Sims in your town. Featuring a robust filter system to allow you to find the Sims you want to target and execute actions on. Because body shapes are different between teenagers and adult age-stages, the shape of the clothes that fit those bodies must also be different.

Log me on automatically each visit. Help Mods Contribute. MasterController Download for patch 1. Documentation Discussions FAQ. Hide Articles Without Keywords. List content tagged seperate by comma : mastercontrollerfaqcas.

nraas sliders

The term "CAS" is used as a catch-all for the user-interface system that EA provides to change how sims look in-game.

It includes : The "Plan Outfit" interaction on the Dresser object. The "Change Appearance" interaction on the Mirror object. The "Plastic Surgery" interactions on the Hospital rabbithole. The "Get Makeover" interaction on the Stylist Station object. Since the introduction of Pets, these interfaces have been renamed to "Create-A-Household", though internally they are still called CAS, which is why I continue to use that term.

CAS is quite extensible regarding the use of hooks and repeating processes, making it very easy to alter how it operates using non-core scripting mods. One of MasterController's primary functions is to unlock various capabilities within the EA system, and make them available to the user.

However to do so, you must ensure that the CAS you are running is invoked through the mod, rather than going directly to the Core system. MasterController is smart enough to initiate the correct CAS mode depending on the species of sim you have chosen, allowing you to use the "Stylist" interaction on any sim. Since the base-mod is not an injection mod, in order to override the existing in-game interactions and call the modified version of CAS, you must have the Integration module installed.

Integration will replace all the various in-game interactions, such as those on the Dresser, Mirror, Tattoo Chair, etc.

Integration will also replace the CAS buttons in "Edit Town", allowing you to access the expanded functionality while creating new library families. Most of the changes are self-explanatory, and are detailed in the documentation under the various options that control the new functionality.

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There are a couple of less obvious changes though : The mod increases the maximum allowable facial sliders displayed in each panel to In the past, doing such required a Core-Mod. Ensure that you have Integration installed if you decide to exceed the EA maximum or you will have troubles in "Edit Town". If you Right-Click on a CAS part the mod will display you a log of the information regarding that part. The information will be displayed in a notice, and logged to a "ScriptError" file.

Ctrl-Right-Click will add the selected CAS part to the Blacklist and remove it from the listing see What is the Blacklist above The "Add" button for new outfits is now permanently unlocked, meaning you can add any number of outfits over the EA Standard third index.

Right-Clicking on an Outfit index will bring up a list containing all the available outfits for the current category, allowing you to choose an outfit above the third index.

Integration adds the following changes : Unlocks the ability to have up to ten humans, or ten pets in a Library family. Unlocks the "Play with Genetics" window, and allows you to create children for same-sex couples Unlocks the ability to create Library families that do not have an Adult present.

Right-Clicking on the category button at the top of the Clothing or Hair panel will randomly select an outfit from that category and apply it to your sim Right-Clicking on one of the four Material positions when styling an outfit, will randomly select a new texture from the currently displayed Material category Ctrl-Right-Clicking on a material position will randomly select a new Material category and then apply a new texture from the selected category Ctrl-Left-Clicking on a material position will randomly choose a new color for the texture Right-Clicking on any of the circular color buttons will alter the color's shade, but not the hue.

Ctrl-Right-Clicking on any of the circular color buttons will randomly choose a new color for that location. Right-Clicking on the " What is the Blacklist and how do I use it? The list can be loaded via tuning as an "InvalidParts" package.This site will not work without Javascript.

Please report any offensive comments so we can remove them. Use of bad language, unsuitable links or flaming may result in deletion of your account. I love the way these look in the preview images, but I was wondering if this particular mod has to be used with any other mods or if it's for use with the default EA eyelashes. Going over the other comments, it seems that I'm not the only person who has the problem of it not working in game. If this is the case, an addendum needs to be added stating this.

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This slider doesn't work for me, and it doesn't seem to work for others either. Whenever I try to change the corners of my sim's eyes with this slider, it has no effect. It looks like a really awesome slider but it isn't working for me.

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like you may need to use this with the S-Club eyelash remover that gets rid of EA lashes. May I know is this work for game version 1. As my game version is now 1. Thanks a lot for this great creations! We have detected that you are using an Ad-blocker plugin.

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Become a VIP member now Proceed to download. Not a Member yet?Thanks so much for these! But the only problem is that the dropbox links for the hoof cube and no shine tail aren't there. It says: "This file has been moved or deleted. Thanks again!

Could you please tell me what happened to the beautiful palamimo coat that was on here? My computer won't let me download the tail thickness slider Can someone help? A direct download link has now been added for Eyelets Tail Thickness Slider as their website is down. Your best bet would be to join the Equus site and post in the 'Wish List' thread to see if any of the creators would be able to make what you want. Hello X-tina! Thank you so much for this list but, I can't figure out how to get the sliders from Litlewolvies at Equestrian Sims.

I've tried to register but don't understand it very well, could you please help? Do you possibly have a direct link to them? Thank you in advance!

Hi, yeah you need to register at Equestrian Sims, it can take a while sometimes months for them to register you.

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They are very strict on that site so I am not allowed to give direct download links or e-mail things, sorry. I don't actually have those sliders in my game as I don't find them useful to me. I think you just have to be patient with them. I'm so amazed by the awesome talent of so many simmers!

nraas sliders

I wish I had a bit more patience to learn how to use layering in the coats better myself. Thank you so much for sharing your talent! Which ones can't you open? Do I put them in a mods folder or something? Some of these links don't work for me and I was wondering if anyone knew links that did work? Which ones are you having problems with?

Sliders, etc.Sign in Mod The Sims. Remember Me? Don't have an account? Register now. If you have forgotten your password, click hereor if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. Log in. Base Game - Sims 3 Sliders.

Quick Reply Print version Search this Thread. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Replies: 10 Who? Sims 3 Sliders. Reason: wording my explanation better. Just put the sliders in the mods folder you have, like any other piece of CC that is in. You don't need to download anything special or put anything in your program files. More than likely, that tutorial was written before patch 1. Before that patch, users had to put their.

Unless you're playing on an extremely old version of the game, you don't need to worry about that. Just put your new sliders in the mods folder in your My Documents, and they should work. Obsessed with the lives of virtual people who run to scream at fires since I think I know why your sliders aren't working. Your install location is fine, although I've never heard of mods being put in the Program Files directory instead of My Documents. When it comes to installing sliders there's another step you have to take; it's not just a simple download-and-drop in the Mods folder.

What makes installing sliders different is that you must also have a core mod that removes the limit on number of sliders per CAS section i.This mod adds countless options that allow you to easily control and change just about anything about Sims in your town.

Featuring a robust filter system to allow you to find the Sims you want to target and execute actions on. This is an optional module of MasterControllerand as such you must have the base-mod installed for this module to work properly.

This is an optional module of MasterControllerand as such you must have the base-mod Log me on automatically each visit. Help Mods Contribute. Board index MasterController. MasterController This mod adds countless options that allow you to easily control and change just about anything about Sims in your town.

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Documentation Discussions FAQ. Need help installing? Check out our How To Install page. Notes MasterController has the ability to increase the maximum allowable sliders possible in "Edit in CAS", and will allow for sliders in each facial panel. There is also a setting available to increase the maximum range of the sliders themselves. Search for "Slider" in the documentation. Advanced interactions, previously available in older phases of the base-mod, have been moved to their own optional module, called There is an optional component called Using a "Master Controller" interaction off the Sim menu automatically chooses that sim as the recipient of any action.

If you wish to select a different sim, use the Computer or City Hall menu. Version MasterController Cheats This mod includes the more advanced, and therefore "cheaty" aspects of MasterController.

NRAAS Slider settings help please?

Download For MasterController V MasterController Progression This mod adds progression related interactions to the "Master Controller" menu. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved. Time: 0. This file contains the defaults for the mod, and as such is only useful for those interested in setting global defaults. It is completely unnecessary to install this file, unless you intend to change the contents.

When this file is installed, the mod's listing system reverts to a standard popup menu system. Same format as the Dresser tuning file, but controls what parts are displayed in CAS A tutorial on populating this file is available here : Blacklisting.The Sims Forums.

The Sims 3: How I Make My Sims + SLIDER FOLDER AND CC LINKS!!!

Categories Discussions Activity Best Of April 10 - New Friday, new Friday Highlight! Check it out here! April 7 - We just released a patch for The Sims 4.

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April 6 - A word from our team: coming soon to The Sims 4. February in The Sims 3 General Discussion.

Power view not working

I just downloaded a Sim that has 74 sliders :shock: But it's the perfect Sim so I'm willing to go with that. Where do I go? What do I put in? Thank you in advance for any help. February edited February MasterController has the ability to increase the maximum allowable sliders possible in "Edit in CAS", and will allow for sliders in each facial panel.

I really do not think you have to worry about them conflicting with Nraas Mods, instead worry if they are updated and compatible with each other.

I recently went to a site that was mentioned on mysims3blog. The creator had some amazing Sims and I really wanted to know which sliders she used. So I went to her resources where she had compiled all the sliders she used in one file. When I got it into my game and hit the randomized Sim button it came up with some amazing and some interesting Sims. Finally they were not pudding faces. Problem was the Sim in CAS was twitching. I wasn't sure if this would cause issues to my game so I removed them and replaced them with the ones I have been using for a while now.Type : CAS Mods.

Tags : coretattoosnudesliders. Sign in Mod The Sims. Remember Me? Don't have an account? Register now. If you have forgotten your password, click hereor if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. Log in. MTS has all free content, all the time. Find out how YOU can help to keep it running. Tell me how Picked Upload! This is a picked upload!

It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community. The 1. This is the latest version on Steam. The first and second 1. Have you thought that the game tattoo locations are a bit Do you have custom sliders or want to increase slider range?

Would you like some of your sims to wear a ring or earring when naked? Or do you have custom accessories that you'd like your sim to wear in the shower without having to give them the 'Never Naked' trait? XCAS can do that, plus a few more things. It IS compatible with the NRaas mods. This means those who prefer to use AwesomeMod or Extended Game Core as a core mod can do so and have the added tattoo locations too!

nraas sliders

Use only one. While it does less than more extensive core mods, it's also less likely to have side effects. It is not compatible with any other core mod that replaces UI. However, there are some packages included that can be used without the core mod component. I realize there are many people who want the slider hacks and the ability to edit the naked outfit but aren't very interested in more tattoo locations, and XCAS Basics is for them.

The Full version still has all the extra tattoos. Please read the Readme files included in each zip file - they will tell you which packages to install to tailor the mod to your taste. Don't just throw every package in the zip into your game - some of them are different versions of the same feature, giving you choices about how you want the mod to work.

Note that you can use the 'Extras' packages without the core mod.


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